Zoukerina Zouk Necklace

Zouk Necklace engraved "ZOUKERINA" on 24K gold, 18K rose gold, black or white rhodium coated silver bar

Zoukerina Zouk Necklace

$35.00 $31.50 exc. Tax/VAT

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$35.00 $31.50 exc. Tax/VAT

Zouk Jewelry

Zoukerina Zouk Necklace

Sterling Silver Pendant and Chain
Get the coating you like best

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Imagine wearing the Zoukerina Necklace and the joy you feel when dancing Zouk. An evening with friends, relaxing and dancing the night away – feels so good. Wearing your Zoukerina Necklace makes it a little bit more special. You can feel it, can’t you?

The Zoukerina Necklace can be a meaningful gift, a sleek accessory for yourself or anything you want it to be. What will you wear with your Zouk Necklace?

Buy your Zouk Necklace and let’s dance 😃

Note that for the 18 inches chain, the pendant isn’t placed exactly in the middle of the chain, but a little to the side.

💖 Shorter chain is better for when doing head movements

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Size Chart

Size guide
Pendant length (inches)1 ¼1 ¼
Chain length (inches)1618
Pendant length (cm)33
Chain length (cm)4146
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