Men’s Crew Neck Zouk T-Shirt: I’m A Zouk Nerd

I’m A Zouk Nerd and Loving It, Zouk T-shirt

It’s your passion, your curiosity and desire to dance that makes you a Zouk nerd. Your eyes light up over the thing you love and makes you tick. Like when Brenda said “My heart is going to jump out” as she waited to demo with Bruno at the Dutch Zouk Congress, we watched and we were fascinated with their connection, and it was like magic, real magic on the dance floor.

Being a Zouk Nerd Is Freaking Awesome! Wear your Zouk t-shirt with pride and a cheeky smile because you deserve it. It's an awesome gift idea for a crazy Zouker like yourself or a friend 😃

Watch if you’re a Zouk nerd, Bruno & Brenda’s beautiful dance


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